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Blending Digital with Physical Touchpoints for an Omni-Channel Approach
Marshall Rollins
February 06,2017
Most modern marketers are aware of how powerful social media can be in growing awareness, driving loyalty, and increasing engagement for a brand or business. However, attracting the attention of customers is not a simple feat. In fact, only 33% of Americans have ever followed a brand on social media and 96% of people who discuss brands online do not follow those brands.

These numbers are especially shocking when you consider the amount of money businesses spend promoting their social media profiles. In 2016, businesses spent more than $31 billion on social media advertising. However, with 2/3 of Americans having never followed a brand, posting social media updates and advertising your business on social media may not be enough to drive engagement.

True engagement is driven by community. An active online community of individuals discussing your brand, products, and promotions on social channels drives adoption on its own—people are compelled to join the conversation and become part of something. To grow an active community, you have to let people know it exists and encourage participation.

Installing a customer engagement wall in your business is an excellent way to promote your social community and drive engagement. Customer engagement walls are digital screens (one screen, many screens, or a videoboard), that use cloud-based technology to display interactive information to viewers. They can be installed in all types of businesses and used to display promotions, advertise upcoming events, and increase awareness of and participation in social media spaces.

Customer engagement walls can be used for a variety of purposes across a diverse set of industries.

Encourage Participation with the Promise of Fame

The rise of selfies and social media check-ins is driven by the innate desire to share interests with others. People are driven by the opportunity to share their most exciting moments with others, and a customer engagement wall caters to this desire.

When installed at a sports or entertainment venue, a customer engagement wall can be used to share social media updates with the entire audience at the venue. Encourage attendees to share their selfies, updates, and group pictures to your social media profiles for the chance to be featured on a large, public screen during intermissions. Doing so will increase your follower count, will build user-generated content, and will drive engagement during and after your event.

Highlight Events and Promotions without Paying for Advertising

While advertising your promotions and upcoming events on digital and analog channels is a great way to attract new customers, the individuals who are most likely to be interested in these types of information are your existing customers, users, fans, employees etc. Let them know about events and promotions they’re interested in by rotating advertising on a customer experience wall installed inside of your establishment.

When installed in malls, retail outlets, museums, galleries, restaurants, and hotels, customer engagement walls can be used to encourage repeat business. Ads can rotate on the screen—interspersed between other types of engaging content—to let existing customers know about upcoming events and promotions at your venue. You can also encourage social media follows by promoting your brand accounts as an excellent way to stay up to date with promotions.

Provide Customer Service with Useful Information

Customer experience walls can also assist with customer service. Alleviate the burden on customers of finding what they’re looking for with large-scale venue maps and company information. When installed in large venues—universities, business complexes, convention centers, and healthcare centers—customer experience walls can display maps that help visitors easily find their destinations.

The other benefit of large-scale maps is you can use the space to highlight company information like date of incorporation, number of visitors that day, or interesting facts. Visitors may know what they’re looking for, but they don’t know what they’re not looking for… that’s where you come in. Detailed maps can also let visitors know what they can find in different spaces. This combines customer service with advertising—not only can your visitor easily find what they’re looking for, they can also learn more about other features and points of interest within a venue.

Highlight Products and Services

With integrated video display, customer experience walls can be used to stream live video, highlight case studies, and promote animated news clips. This is an excellent addition for B2B businesses with EBCs or that organize industry events.

When installed in spaces that are popular during event downtime—lunch spaces, break rooms, and lounge areas—you can continue generating leads and driving conversions by highlighting products and services outside of formal meetings and presentations with engaging video content.

Scaling Digital Touchpoints with Customer Engagement Walls

While any one of these uses can drive engagement, the power of the customer engagement wall is in its ability to combine all approaches. Drive social media participation, advertise upcoming events and promotions, provide customer service, and highlight products and services all at the same time on the same screen. Customer experience walls alternate displays of branded templates to promote exactly what you want visitors to see in increments you establish.

Make it relevant and keep it fun. We’ve seen increased engagement and interaction with these types of installments at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, and Pepsi Center in Denver, drawing fan’s interest to digital touchpoints throughout the venue.

With modern technology, digital and analog experiences are no longer mutually exclusive. Growing your social media following, promoting your products, services, promotions, and events, and providing exceptional customer service demands an omni-channel approach. With a customer experience wall, you can bring your digital and analog efforts to life.


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