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Design Reactor worked with Cisco's Executive Briefing Program to bring their Executive Briefing Center to the next level with an advanced customer experience journey integrating state-of-the-art hardware, intelligent software, and conceptual designs, ensuring that visitors are informed, educated, and immersed in the Cisco Executive Briefing Center experience.

Project Overview

The Cisco Executive Briefing Center (Executive Briefing Center) provides a meeting space for visitors from around the world the opportunity to identify current and future business needs, exchange ideas with Cisco experts and talk about how intelligent networks are changing every aspect of our lives. Critical to the experience is the use of interactive, touch digital signage to engage visitors. Design Reactor concepted, designed, developed, and created applications & content across eight digital signage video array installations incorporating over 90 LCDs. Touch interaction, video, dynamic content & display templates provide a rich user experience while allowing Cisco to maintain content and messaging.
Serving as a global hub for current and prospective customers and partners year round, the Cisco Executive Briefing Center plays a critical role in facility operation presenting and demonstrating Cisco's world-wide products and services. Design Reactor worked closely with Cisco’s World Wide Sales Management Team to concept and design an elevated showroom consistent with business objectives, Cisco's brand, and world-class technologies incorporating eight state-of-the-art interactive kiosks, a customer engagement wall, and content delivery network.




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