Social Media Walls: A Large Scale Customer Experience Installation

Take your social initiatives from the sideshow to the main stage
Marshall Rollins
sept 19,2015
Intending to always keep the customer experience at the forefront of business decisions, social media walls help brands maximize their digital initiatives through the installation of large-scale interactive engagement platforms that blend business objectives with social media benefits.

To keep up with rapidly changing technologies and forms of communications, companies - if not already, must not only embrace social media as a customer engagement platform, but up the ante. In order to provide an attention-grabbing customer experience across all touchpoints of the user journey, business’ can ‘think bigger’ with these large-scale social media walls to help drive social engagements, brand identity, and loyalty.

Social media walls are the ultimate experience for on-site customers given it’s visually engaging and interactive, providing a wide breadth of sensory experiences to promote your brand and support your brand champions. Impact will immediately increase the number of viewers by displaying dynamic, interactive social content.

With an innovative, cloud-based social media wall backed by a state of the art engine, moderation tools, and visually stunning design templates, you can create an intimate and exciting experience for your customers. An endless combination of configurable elements allow you to hone in on the interactive elements that benefit your business objectives most.

Social Is Here to Stay

In today’s always-on, always connected world, smart forward-thinking companies are using social media to build strong, lasting relationships with their consumers to convert them into brand champions. Statistics show that 50% of customers are likely to buy products/services from companies they connect with via social media and 56% of customers who do use social media to connect feel a stronger connection with these organizations.

By bringing social to the forefront of customer interactions with interactive engagement from behind the screen into an in-person experience encourages fans to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook etc. their experiences while on-site through the creation of user-generated content and amplify the brand.

Case Study: Avaya Stadium Fan Engagement Wall

Intending to always keep the customer experience at the forefront of business decisions, Design Reactor partnered with Avaya’s strategic marketing group to create large-scale, digital experience at the new Avaya Stadium. The fan engagement wall maximizes Avaya’s ‘playing field’ by blending business objectives with social media benefits and showcases stats, growth trends, aggregate social feeds, and real-time data gameday.

The benefits and popularity of the fan engagement wall at a sports stadium is catching fire and extending into other arenas across the United States.

Aggregation and Live

FeedsOur cloud-based platform integrates multiple social feeds allowing you, your clients, and your fans to curate, moderate and publish social content from the major social networks, creating a collaborative environment of user generated content.
  • Facebook With over 1.39 billion active users, Facebook is the biggest social network and a powerful medium for connecting users with your business.
  • Twitter Twitter’s network has more than 500 million users and is a great way to deliver and promote concise messaging, videos, images, links and more making it a growing, effective channel for quick user posts and handling customer service.
  • Instagram The visual social media platform is based entirely on photo and video posts perfect for live event posts and has over 300 million active users.
  • YouTube YouTube’s video platform attracts 1 billion users each month, and statistics show the number of hours people are watching YouTube each month is up 50% year over year, which is a great method for attracting and getting your users to stay engaged with your social media wall.
  • Tumblr Tumblr hosts more than 200 million blogs and allows several different post formats creating freedom for fans and users.

Interactive Components

Social media walls encourage users to interact through social media posts that they can see go live almost instantly.Other interactive features can be leveraged to enhance the interactivity beyond social media by leveraging additional components that add value such as pre-generated video queues, built-in commenting functions, surveys and polls. With the latest technology, our social media walls utilize IO socket display controls which gives increased power to the user to control on-screen display from any mobile device.

Another great approach to increase interactivity amongst your users, is to create custom contests and giveaways. These types of promotions are easy to create and facilitate with our custom templates and even enables fans and followers to share contest information increasing overall brand exposure. Social activity that sparks conversation and encourages sharing entice new and existing fans to continue to engage with your brand.

Case Study: Cisco EBC

Design Reactor collaborated with Cisco on several projects including iterative installations of a state-of-the-art interactive experience across their EBC and corporate headquarters. The touch digital signage engages visitors to interact with and experience Cisco content, technology, social data, and innovations in the tech space across eight unique digital signage video wall arrays incorporating over 90 LCDs allowing Cisco the ability to keep a pulse on the voice of the customer, employees, and stakeholders.

Document Sharing

Provide your customers with informative, relevant content specific to your brand or event by surfacing Presentations, Marketing Collateral, Reports and Metrics. No matter the type of event, you can be sure your users have instant access to the information you’re sharing through the social media walls by providing additional touchpoints along the customer journey.

Monitor and Moderate

A key facet of any social media wall is to provide admins the ability to monitor and moderate content coming through the platform to adhere to your business objectives. By curating social network content, your administrative team will have the ability to filter and moderate content coming through the live feeds. Not only can you view content but you can also select specific content items or socialists you’d like to highlight and/or feature, even building campaigns that encourage increased interactions among users.

Placement for Sponsors and Promos

For large scale events, a sponsor or promotions area can help offset initial payout with advertisements where sponsors can run ads for their own products and social media insights in between feeds. With rotating templates built into our social media wall model, we are sure to refresh and rotate content and layouts to pique and keep user interest. Promotions for upcoming events, venue announcements or other ad-hoc promos add a change of pace and allow for cross-promotion of other engagements.

Across the Industries

A social media wall is a innovative and bold component that can be integrated into any event or space to improve overall customer satisfaction, engagement, and success. Let’s examine how a social media wall can operate in different markets.

  • Executive Briefing Centers Headquarters and EBCs serve multi-functions for visitors such as meeting center, product demos, communication hub, and so on. By implementing a social media wall in your corporate location, you can surface information to your visitors to meet these needs as well as pipe in social feeds to keep the data interesting and vital - what do your brand champions have to say? Show your employees and guests your social media presence on your home turf.
  • There are of the endless There are of the endless opportunities for promoting your brand to visitors via your on-site social media center where all product, regional, and financial specific data is being piped into one location with easy to consume bites of information. Imagine a Tech Conference or industry gala where you can view highlights and sound bites from the Keynote as well as live comments and feedback on other breakout/agenda items.
  • Sports and Entertainment Arenas The most popular type of venue, sports arenas draw huge crowds each year giving you untapped access to hoards of fans flocking to the different events that come through the arena giving your fans and exclusive live social experience at each event. Fans rely even more on the internet and social media than television for all the latest and greatest sports content and buzz.

With a social media wall you can own and drive the conversation for your brand with the abundance of new and stimulating user-generated content. By using the coolest features integrated into the platform, there’s no better tool for establishing a tech-savvy, always-connected atmosphere at your event with a real-time digital display for fans to interact with.

Get your customers, fans, and team excited by promoting relatable content with brand or event specific information that showcases talking points, growth trends, social feeds, and real-time data innovations, By creating an impactful digital initiative with a supporting Content Management System, you can be a part of the new innovation wave combining digital signage with human interaction. As an engine of fan involvement and interaction, you can create a truly interactive experience with your own Social Media Wall today and start getting noticed tomorrow.

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